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Veterinary And Animal Husbandry Services

Major Activities


1. FMD - Network Unit, Imphal

The FMD-Network Unit, Imphal was established in the year, 2001 under the Project Directorate on Foot and Mouth Disease,IVRI, Campus, Mukteswar Uttrakhand, an All India Coordinated Research Project under ICAR, Govt. of India.

1 Name of the Project All India Coordinated Research Project for Epidemiological Studies on Foot and Mouth Disease.
2 Address of the Unit FMD – Network Unit, Imphal
    Disease Investigation Laboratory
    Directorate of Vety. A.H. Services
    Manipur, Imphal - Pin No. 795001.
    Telefax ( Director ) – 0385-2454928
3 Date of start 4-1-2001


Objectives of the project

1. To conduct systematic epidemiological studies on Foot and Mouth disease to assess geographical distribution and seasonal occurrence of different types and subtypes of the virus associated with the disease.
2. To study the factors associated with the maintenance and spread of infection in selected areas with a view to develop a suitable vaccination programme for control of the disease. 3. This will include typing and sub-typing of the strains, field investigation of selected outbreaks and evaluating the role of different vaccines in control of the disease.
4. To apprise the authorities of the State Animal Husbandry Department, field Veterinary officers and livestock owners regarding the disease situation and strategies for control of the disease.

Technical Programme

1. To carry out the epidemiological studies of FMD in Manipur by collecting epidemiological information and suitable clinical samples from field FMD outbreaks in the state.

2. Typing of FMD virus of field samples at the Network Unit using Sandwich ELISA as per approved protocol of FMD Central Laboratory, IVRI, Mukteswar.

3. Retrospective Diagnosis of FMD and virus typing from sera samples collected where infection passed off and infected materials failed to collect, by LPB- ELISA.

4. Confirmation of FMD typing results of this Network Unit at FMD Central Laboratory, IVRI, Mukteswar, by sending halves of the field clinical samples and to characterize the field isolates of the state to include in the National Repository.

5. Collection and analysis of epidemiological data of FMD by collecting informations on; incidence of the disease in susceptible animal species, animals at risk, morbidity and mortality in different age groups, meteorological data such as temperature, rainfall, relative humidity etc. to determine incidence of FMD, significance of meteorological changes and analysis of economic loses.

6. Estimation of serum Antibody level against the serotypes O,A and Asia-1 from randomly collected sera samples(100 sera samples from each district) by LPB-ELISA and also the determination of Herd Immunity against FMD virus serotypes in vaccinated animals. Further, assessment of sero-conversion from 20 cattle from one model village of each district of the state by collecting paired sera samples of Pre and post vaccination by LPB-ELISA Test.

7. To differentiate infected animals from FMD vaccinated in susceptible animal population by DIVA-ELISA Test collecting 100 random sera samples from each 9 districts of the state.

8. To submit monthly report of the Unit every month.

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2.Collaborating Unit, Imphal ,AICRP Animal Disease Monitoring And Surveillance(ADMAS)

The Collaborating Unit of ADMAS, Imphal was established in the year, 2004 as an ICAR Project under the Project Directorate on ADMAS, Hebbal, Bangalore.


Technical Programmes and Action taken report of the collaborating unit of PD_ADMAS, Imphal, Manipur

Sl.No. Technical Programme Action taken during the year 2006-07 & 2007-08.
1 To co-ordinate research and field based livestock disease monitoring and surveillance activities with the PD_ADMAS Bangalore and act as a liaison with State and Central Animal Husbandry & Veterinary authorities. Always co-ordinated with the PD_ADMAS, Bangalore, while actions were taken up.
2. Conduct sample frame based state level population surveys of important diseases. Followed Sample frame based survey as per guidelines
3. Investigation and laboratory validation of disease outbreaks. As per mandate carried out investigation & Laboratory validation of disease outbreaks of FMD, Bovine Brucellosis, Black Quarter, Hemorrhagic Septicaemia BlueTongue, Leptospirosis, Anthrax, BovineBabesiosis, Rinderpest, Swine Fever, HPAI, New Castle Disease, Rabies, IBH, IBD, Salmonellosis etc.
4. Collect real time disease and meteorological data on all disease outbreaks. Collected as and when required.
5. Field validation of the disease forecasting models developed by the PD_ADMAS. Continuing
6. Field validation of the diagnostic kits developed by PD_ADMAS. Brucellosis, IBR and Leptospirosis in blood samples collected.
7. Participate in the interactive V-sat based National Animal Disease Referral Expert System(NDRES)developed by the PD_ADMAS. Contemplating to participate.
8. Participate in the study of the economic losses due to livestock diseases and the cost effectiveness of control measure or programmes of PD_ADMAS. Contemplating to participate.
9. Collect and co-relate information regarding all diseases of livestock and poultry from respective state Disease Investigation Laboratory and state Animal Husbandry Departments and promptly communicate to the PD_ADMAS monthly basis. As compiled in the Annual Report of the Unit and submitted to the PD_ADMAS, Bangalore every year.